As of 2019, people of color are still underrepresented in clinical trials*

African Americans are 13% of the US
population, yet only


of participants in oncology trials

Hispanics are 19% of the US
population, yet only


of participants in oncology trials

*Percentages of patients calculated from trials supporting FDA drug approvals between July 2008 and June 2018 that documented the inclusion of White, Asian, Black, and Hispanic patients.

Cancer mortality is highest among people of color.


FCB Health is committed to a healthier world and dismantling systemic racial inequality. We hope to partner with key institutions and advocacy groups to spread our message of clinical trial equality and effect change.

Achieving racial equality in clinical trials is a fundamental first step to seeing health equality overall and access to quality care for everyone.


The support of everyone is urgent as we work to eliminate racial disparity in clinical trials. We want to hear from people of all backgrounds, along with doctors, nurses, researchers, research institutions, politicians, and patient advocacy groups.

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This is just the beginning

Check back in as we continue to take a stand to end racial disparity in clinical trials and make health equality a reality.

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